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UK Property Searches - owner, deeds, register, boundary plan - UK Trace

UK Property Searches - owner, deeds, register, boundary plan

Property ownership information, owner register document and boundary plan from property deeds

You want to know who owns the property, view the boundary plan or view the owner register document.

We can tell you the current owner of a property. This includes the property price if stated when they bought the house and if there is a mortgage on the property. It will not show the amount of finance taken on the house.

We aim to send you the results within 24 hours. We can also as an additional service investigate property deeds, historical documents, past owners, etc.

From our option below you can pick just owner details, or get an actual copy of the owner register document or the boundary plan. These documents are the official version. 

You can get the information yourself via the land registry website for only £3. If you viewed the owner register document or the boundary then the information will be the same as ours, however, our version is an Official version which is also admissible in court. In addition, if the owner carries out a freedom of information request to the land registry then your name (the searcher) could be disclosed. If this is not an issue then please click here to search the land registry (please choose leasehold if 2 titles show for the address)

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So we hope this property deed search information we have provided helps you. You can also find out who lives at the address by clicking here 

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