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You want to find a person's current address or contact details. 

It all depends on how much infromation you already have. The more the better and how much you want to spend. In addition how fast do you want the information or is accuracy and a longer timescale more important?

Want instant results, but lesser accuracy? - see our option below.

Don't want to spend much, ok with waiting 3-5 days, want to use the previous address, or the date of birth? then see our basic trace option.

Want something concrete? confirmed? Then it's our advanced trace option.

And don't want to spend, or don't have enough infromation, then try the Facebook guide below.

The 4 options.

Basic Trace - 1-4 working days

Cheap. Use a previous address, date of birth, sometimes a phone number or email. More accuracy than an online search. Wait possibly a few working days. Address is not guaranteed to be current, however much better than an online search. This trace includes additional data (not just the voter's roll)

Click here for more info on our basic trace find address uk service

Advanced Trace - 2-5 working days

Similar to basic trace. Address is verified. A more advanced powerful system is used. Success rate super high. No current address found a full refund.  Click here to view our advanced trace 

Instant search tool to find someone's address

Search It's an instant search tool that helps you find someone's address utilising electoral register information. It's an excellent resource to get instant results. You just enter a name, and a location if you have it, and you get to see what matches appear before you pay. It also shows other occupants at the address. They mention which years the match was found, so look out for current matches for the current year. If you want to search using 2 names at the same address to lower your matches and increase accuracy choose "advanced people search". click here to search


The final option, and free, is Facebook. It may not give you an address, however you could search for the person on Facebook. If there are too many matches try finding a friend with an un-common name then check their friend's list if it mentions the person you want to find. You can also google, if you have their area, the name + area, and see if it brings up any facebook pages or any other social media pages.

Additional Tips

Gather Information. Who they live with, year of birth, or old numbers. Try again in 5 months if you don't get a match. Get names of parents or siblings. Try to find find friends who may remember more information. If in doubt submit an advanced trace, and we will get back to you to confirm if the person can be found. 

Good Luck with the above options help you with Person Finder Uk tools in the UK. The first 3 options are the best people finder UK by name resources. 


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