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Person Finder UK

We can help you find a person in the UK using the name and any other information you provide. We will ask more questions to get more clues from you and then keep in regular contact with you while we carry out the trace.

  • We have 14 years + experience locating people in the UK
  • We enjoy finding people
  • We enjoy finding clues to help us locate the person you want to find
  • We use advanced tracing systems
  • We are customer friendly
  • We will help you along the way and give you tips on how to make contact
  • We will stay in touch through out the trace

How to proceed? Click here to order a trace with us. Prices range from £250-£1000

If you are interested in carrying out a DIY trace yourself, then know it possible to find them - it's not rocket science!

Our trace finds the person much faster because we have 14 years + experience and a more advanced tracing system, but you can find them yourself. Our system is more in-depth. 

Here are some tips:

Find some relatives so you can contact them and ask them where the person is. Google "findmypast free trial" or click here to subscribe for £9.99 a month

Search 192 using the free search and check if you can find a match in the 2020 Electoral Register or even a more recent match to the address you have. Click here to search

Search Facebook for any of their friends or relatives and then check who if that person is on their friend's list.