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Property Boundaries

Get property boundaries - England, Wales, and Isle of Wight

You want to know the boundaries (red lines) for a property

The best option is to search the Land Registry for £3. Look out for the title plan. If the search reveals 2 titles - a freehold or a leasehold then most often it is the leasehold that you want. On some occasions you may find the title is described with many other properties. In that case it is possible a council owns the house, however that is not 100%. If you notice that the title description has many properties, especially for leasehold, then possibly this property owner is not an individual.

Click here to search the Land registry

To find out previous property owners click here.

Want a discrete search or an Official copy admissible in court ?

If you search via the Land Registry then the house owner can request a freedom of information search. This shows everyone who has searched their property. If you want a discrete search then we can search for you.

Our searches are Official.

Our documents are admissible in court. Official copies. The version from the Land registry website is the same, however the version from the website is not an official copy. It is the same information however. 

We will supply a boundary plan outlining the land in red lines. The official Land Registry boundary plan. Please note this does not show measurements. It just outlines the land with a red line. We can also obtain additional historical documents for an additional investment. 


Property Boundaries

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