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Property Boundaries - UK Trace

Property Boundaries

Get property boundaries - England, Wales, and Isle of Wight

You want to know the boundaries (red lines) for a property

This is a guaranteed results search

So you don't know how to get the boundary details

Or you already know how to get boundary details yourself but:

You don't want the owner to find out you searched for their address by requesting a freedom of information request via the Land Registry

You want Official documents that are admissible in court (if you search yourself online this is not an Official copy)

You want someone to do the work for you and give you more advice

You want us to carry out additional searches such as obtaining conveyances, transfers etc 

You are not sure the type of search you want via the Land Registry website

You want to use our SMS/text message result service  

Then our search is for you, however, if you just want to search yourself via the Land Registry then click here 

Our results normally take about 24 hours.

    Property Boundaries

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