• How do i find someone?

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  • How can i find out who lives at an address?

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  • How can i reverse a mobile number or email?

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  • How do i find out who owns a property?

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  • I have limited information? can i still find someone?

It depends on the information you have. We advise you to visit our people trace tips page. Click here. You can also submit a trace with us on the page and if the information is too limited then we offer an in-depth trace where we gather information and then try to trace again. 

  • Can i find someone if i have their maiden name?

Yes you can. First maybe search marriage records up to 2005 via findmypast. Click here. Or if you have family members you remember then search them on Facebook then check their friends list to see if that person you want to find appears. We can also possibly locate them using their maiden name and a past address. Click here for people trace tips. 

  • How can i verify an address?

Click here for a royal mail hack. Or use our who lives at this address service. Click here, or get a physical agent to carry out a discreet check. Click here 

  • I've not been in touch with someone for a very long time. Can i still find them?

It depends on the information you have. Click here for our people trace tips. We also offer a service on the page on a no success full refund option so it is worth a try!

  • How can i find out if someone is married?

Check marriage records via findmypast - click here up to 2005 , or if you know friends/relatives names then see if you can find the subject on their friends or relatives list and if they are showing a married name. if you have the address then we can tell you all occupants. Click here for a who lives at this address uk search. 

  • How can i find out if someone was previously married?

Search findmypast. Click here, or we can search that person's past addresses, and try to see if they resided with anybody around the same age with the same surname. Please contact us for this. 

  • Can i find someone for free?

Sure click here for PeopleTrace Tips

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