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Check Electoral Roll

Check Electoral Roll

You want to know who is listed on the Electoral Roll at an address

Who the occupants are

Here are the options for you:

Free - 

Visit the local library or history centre in that area. You may have to call them first, however you can see the full Electoral register showing occupants. The online version people have the choice to opt out from the online published version. They can hide themselves. At the library or history centre for that area you can view the full version. There may be a small fee and you may have to book an appointment.

Instant search and results 

Search search by address instead of the person. It may reveal who the current occupants are. Look out for the occupancy dates. You want to see something that shows the current year. Click here to search 192's search by address feature. We highly recommend if you want to search instantly the electoral roll by name or address.

Super Advanced Occupancy check - shows any recent move ins, also not just Electoral Register records, but also records from other data sources. No current occupants found - full refund £50. 5 working days 

Order below. We will send you a report in 5 working days. Report will show occupancy dates and approx age (if available)

Bonus tip

Send a royal mail signed for letter to the occupier and see who signs for it. This is a bit of hit'n'miss as it could just be a scribble, but you never know. You can even send a letter online. Click here.

Another bonus tip

The property may have been bought recently and you are wondering who has moved in? You could carry out a property search via the land registry. The only risk is that the owners may have bought the property to rent out. Click here to search the land registry for £3. If you want to check if the property has been sold recently then first check the sold properties website before ordering a land registry search. Click here free search

.If you have any questions feel free to send us a message. 

Good Luck with whatever option you choose searching the Electoral Roll. 


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