Hire a private investigator

At UKTrace we specialise in electronic information, searches and traces. You may want someone on a physical level with different expertise.

We recommend Bark.com - simply post your requirements and you will get bids from private investigators. It makes it easy because you have a selection of investigators to choose from and it will save time.

Click here to post a job on Bark.com - often you may need to use an electronic tracer and then the uses of a physical investigator or you may information from an investigator and then you need the uses of an electronic tracer. Bark.com and our services at uktrace can cater to your needs. Thank you very much 

We also recommend the following companies:

Bradford and nearby areas 

Simmonds Pi have helped us with advice on some of our cases. They are highly reliable and go the extra mile. 

Click here to visit their website (Please quote uktrace for 10% discount - thanks)


Operant Investigators - highly skilled in surveillance work. In dorset and nearby areas

Click here to go to their website 


A1 Investigations - All their agents are ex military and police

They can help with Fraud, Matrimonial issues, Process serving, Missing persons, Trace inquires, undercover surveillance work and vehicle tracking.

Click here to go to A1 Investigations (mention uktrace to get a 10% discount)