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How to reverse UK mobile/landline numbers and email addresses

Reverse UK mobile numbers, landlines, and email addresses

UK Mobile numbers

One way is to add the mobile phone number to your own phone and then visit Facebook via your mobile phone. Facebook could pick up the number and suggest a friend. We don't think it's instant, however, it should work.

To check if a mobile number or email address is registered on Google, Facebook, skype, etc then check out - they will confirm where the number is registered. Sometimes it also shows the name linked to the number, We think this is only if the number is registered on Skype. It's more of a profile name from skype we think.

Spokeo (click here) is also really good because it could have an exact match to a social media account registered with the number, however, they do not allow non-US purchases on their website. 

There is another way. We can backtrace Uk mobile numbers. Not all, however, we offer a no success full refund option. We do not accept all requests, however, with a no success full refund option, there is no risk to you. Our service is below. 

Landline numbers:

We can also reverse landline numbers. We can not reverse all, however, you have the no success full refund option. Our service is below.

Another obvious way is just to check if the number has a voicemail greeting which tells you who the number belongs to.

Email address:

Spokeo may have the account linked to a social media account. You can try a free search and if it matches then you can ask a USA agent to search for you. (click here)  has USA agents that may be able to search for you for a fee.

In addition, we can backtrace email addresses. Not all, however, is worth a try.

The difference with our service compared to the other companies mentioned above.

Our services provide a UK address and name.

The online services may confirm if a mobile number is registered, or better, provide the social media account for that person. Both could be useful depending on your requirements,.

Choose your option below to use our service.

Please note: we do not accept all requests, however, we refund all cases not accepted. Please fill out the reason to trace field on the form Thank you! 



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