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We get many enquiries where we have to check if a person online is genuine. Often it's a dating friend. Most often it's too late. Our client has already sent the cash. It's too late, however some clients start to get suspicious when the scammer starts to get in a rage when they refuse to send cash.

Please do not send online strangers (dating strangers, we are ok) cash. 

You may have watched the twinder swindler on Netflix and watched how trust was built and then a favour was asked to send some cash. You may even want to believe this is not true, but that was the plan. To deceive you.

They may have already researched you. You may have an un-common surname, or your linked profile suggests you are a high earner. Some dating sites ask for your income so they can match you with similar dating friends to try and create a successful match. Scammers use this to find potential victims they can take advantage of.

So you may have some information relating to the friend. How do you know it's correct?

We had a case with a fake uk passport photo. We found no match whatsoever of that name ever residing in the UK. It was a fake name. Later this particular client was threatened when they refused to send cash. They were blackmailed.

The friend may provide you with legitimate details of somebody else in the UK. How do you know that this verified name of a person living in the UK is the person you are chatting to?

You just don't know.

The only way is to do your own research.

1) Get all details possible. name, date of birth, where they live, lived, family member names etc

then check if it all checks out

If it does not then you know there is something fishy here. 

2) If it all checks out then gather more info. Interview the online friend and ask these extra questions from the information gathered. What year was this family member born? when do you move out from this town? what was this person called? now if they are genuine they will answer you instantly. 

This then proves if they are genuine.

Social media accounts, linked in profiles all can be fabricated. Name, date of birth, family history etc can not.

We can help you verify if your online friend is legitimate. By carrying out checks on our advanced systems and also carrying out a background check on their history.

This will give you peace of mind and hopefully save you from sending any scammers cash. It will also save your time. 

We work on a per project basis, depending on the information that you have, so order below and we will be in touch.

We can also back trace a high number of telephone numbers and email addresses.

We would love to work with you. We aim to complete the trace within 3 working week of our initial discussion. 

You can discuss with us via email, sms/text or even a phone call. 

This is an ad-hoc service and we are happy to support you to clarify information that you have to give you peace of mind that the person you are speaking to is genuine. 


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