uk phone lookup

UK Phone Lookup

We have carried out a lot of research trying to find out ways to reverse UK phone numbers and email addresses.

We didn't find anything conclusive. You could try Osint sources - click here. Osint stands for open source intelligence, using the internet as an investigative tool.

Osint sources most likely will only show a name. We used ArkOwl which showed just the profile name from the email address or telephone number. We got about a 20% success rate. You can search by email address or mobile number.

You can also search for the number on google. There may be a website which has published the name and number.

If this fails then we have 2 options:

A basic trace - no guarantee. If we can reverse if then we will provide the names and address where the number reverses to. Timescale 1-3 working days. 

An advanced option. This option is more succesful. Timescale is 5 working days. If all else fails and you really need to know who owns the landline number then we can help you. It's a no success full refund service. A succesful reverse is not guaranteed, however with this option the chances are as high as you can get.

You could try the basic option and if no match then consider the advanced option.

Total discretion on both searches.

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