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Reverse Address Lookup UK - search address - UK Trace

Reverse Address Lookup UK - search address

Reverse address lookup UK

You want to lookup who lives at an address. Who the occupants are

We can do that for you by searching on our advanced systems. Our search includes information on current occupants, their approx age if listed, length of occupancy and there may be additional information that we could supply to you. We use advanced tracing systems so we have a better chance of finding a match for you. We can even tell you the likelihood of the occupant still being at the address. Our results are better and we aim to carry out the search within 4-6 working days. We offer a no success full refund on our who lives at this address search. Our chances of success are higher. 

However, If our service is not for you, then we recommend a search on (click here) - simply enter the address and look out for current year version matches (2020, 2021, etc) - if you see the match then you may purchase the results. 192 offer a free search preview. 

Finally, if none of the above is what you want, and you live close to th eaddress you want to search, then book an appointment at the local history centre or central library in that area. You may view the full electoral Register by address. 

There is another option which is to find out who owns the property. This will not confirm residents, however, it will show the owner. You can do that by clicking here 

The final option (non-electronic) is to get a physical agent to verify who is at the address. You can do that by clicking here.

Finding out the occupants for a property can be done. Sometimes you may need to wait for the information to appear online, or you may need to use the methods above.

We hope this reverse address lookup information helps. Good Luck!

Reverse Address Lookup UK - search address


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